Connected Employees: 10 ways to connect with your team

What are Connected Employees?

Being able to effectively connect with people, your team and a difficult person is crucial in our companies today. We can’t afford to let days, weeks, months go by with unresolved issues and the disconnect that accompanies being out of sync.
The truth is that employees need to hear from their managers about how things are going. If you are someone that has difficulty talking to your employees, you are not alone.

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Lessons on success from 15 powerful women leaders

I like to read autobiographies where the writer brings me into the mindset of what they were thinking and feeling on their road to success. Since we are always learning and growing and moving into a new place of enlightenment, I never tire of these stories and experiences.

I am especially drawn to stories powerful women share as I aspire to new heights myself. Enjoy the following quotes of 15 powerful women leaders who can add to our day today.

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8 Key Characteristics of a High-Performing Team

A high-performing team is unlike any regular team. It is comprised of highly talented and motivated individuals with common goals. Such a team helps their company achieve excellence and growth.

However, each person has a different set of principles and beliefs which could probably taint the team harmony. While it is true, thorough planning and execution of business strategies would help overlook the differences.

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How to Establish Healthy Boundaries at Work

With technology, flexible work, and ever-changing workplaces, setting healthy boundaries at work is more difficult than ever before.

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself at work starts early—as early as the interview process itself.

From the interview and onward, you teach employers and coworkers what sort of treatment you will accept. For example, do you check work email outside of office hours? Do you make yourself available on Slack 24/7—to solve any problem that might arise?

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How to Improve Employee Experience?

From retaining the best of your talents to acquiring newer sources of talent, employee experience works as the foundation of your workspace. The experience you are facilitating to your employees is directly associated with what you will get in return as the output.

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Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Have you ever wondered, what is the reason behind the success of large companies? Well, the most common answers you will get are their dedication, goals, and collective efforts to present an organization in front of the world.

However, it is simply impossible for a company to succeed without employees. A company lacking dedicated professionals, who are highly focused on achieving goals for the organization, can go nowhere.

Most ambitious companies show their streamlined dedication towards building robust employee engagement strategies. But why do they invest their resources and time for employee engagement?

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Restoring a Healthy Company Culture for Your Organization

To leverage your company productivity and get the most out of your employees, you must focus on building a healthy company culture that makes your office place more professional and work-friendly.

The company culture of your organization works as an integral part of your work. It has the power to affect the entire ambiance and mood of your office space. Whether your employees feel comfortable in your office or you get more recruits of top talents for your company, it’s completely dependent on the company culture you are promoting.

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Employee Engagement Strategies

The work culture of your company can become more productive when you keep your employees well-engaged. Thus, following effective employee engagement strategies for both general and
remote workers are key to your success.

While your organization’s productivity is highly reliant on the usage of advanced technologies and methods for easy facilitation of your services, it is also widely dependent on the strategies you use for employee engagement. So, what strategies can you implement for enhanced employee engagement?

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Communicate like a leader.

Ever wondered what it is that lets someone in the same room as you speak so beautifully that people gather to listen to what is being said. Or, have you heard someone speak so majestically that you got deeply immersed in their talk?

On the other hand, when you try communicating to your team or employees, you seem plain and bland.

What are the skills that only some people have that makes them talk like a leader?

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