Team Development and Change

As the need for talent increases in companies, it is important to match team members’ skills to the job they will be doing by providing good consulting.   

We can help you assess your team—strengths, and areas for growth and develop a plan for maximizing performance. We will help you develop powerful questions, listening skills  and ways of valuing your employees so that they can be valuable members of your team.  

We can coach individuals, managers or entire teams to work together better. 

Organizational Development

Organizations transform when company goals, vision and values are clear and employees are aligned; where managers encourage open and honest communication; where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and challenges; where there are big goals and everyone works together to accomplish them; where mistakes help us learn;  where there is recognition and celebration.

New cultures do not happen overnight but every positive interaction matters and contribute to successful outcomes.

Gloria Willis Consulting services will help you with that.

Coaching of First-line Supervisors

First-line supervisors are on the front lines of onboarding, training, developing employees.

It is crucial that there is a collaborative relationship between supervisor and employee in order to retain them.

We train supervisors how to engage their workers for optimal growth and development, how to speak, ask questions and give feedback. so supervisors gain confidence in their ability to lead.