7 Things Great Managers Do To Support Their Employees

Question: What’s one thing great managers do for their employees so they can excel at their jobs?

Encourage them to be their own leaders

“A true leader will step back and let his/her team do their job without standing over their shoulders. Assign each team member personal responsibilities and empower them to succeed and do what they do well. Give them the opportunity to make decisions, and don’t second guess them.”

Motivate and Inspire Them

“The best managers know what motivates their employees, and they keep that in mind when their team does a good job. They inspire their people by staying positive and filter out stress and negativity. They also act as an offensive line: They remove obstacles and help organize their employees’ workload so they can concentrate on the finer points of their job.”

Be Available at All Times

“One of the most common complaints I hear from other teams is that their managers simply don’t talk to them. They communicate when they hand down projects or tasks, but they’re often unreachable otherwise. A great manager will always be available when one of their staff has a question or concern, and they will always make an effort to reach out and ensure employees have everything they need to get the job done.”

Know their strength

“Great managers ensure that their employees are in the right positions. Pitchers need to be pitching, and catchers need to be catching. This sounds simple, but so often, employees are in positions that don’t allow them to fully utilize their strengths. Know what each of your employee’s greatest strengths is and leverages them to help the entire team excel. ”

Be Humble

“The best managers are the ones who treat their employees as equals rather than as people who are beneath them. Understand each of your employees’ circumstances and treat each one fairly and equally.”


“Listen to your employees. Listen for ideas and insights into the culture and ways to improve your business. Listen for any hidden red flags and threats to your business. Then, remove any roadblocks, help resolve challenges and clear any unnecessary negative baggage that may be lying around. The best thing a good leader can do is encourage great energy and talent.”

Give Feedback to Help Them Grow

“Communication is key. Providing performance feedback helps employees continually improve. I hold monthly meetings with team members to assess projects and check in with them. Often, some seek growth opportunities and want to take on new challenges or tasks. I place team members in positions based on their strengths, skillset, and passions, while also allowing for more growth opportunities along the way.”

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